lomo for dummies...


For those of you who are new to the lomographic society here is a simple guide to some of the more familiar lomo cameras.


This collectible and popular Lomography camera has 170 degree view that compacts everything into a distorted circular image, making whatever you are shooting look extra awesome. Seriously, take a random picture of your bedroom wall with a fish eye lens and it instantly turns into an introspective piece of art. Uses 35mm film that can be processed anywhere. Built-in flash; glass lens. 1 AA battery required.


The copper limited edition fisheye

The chrome limited edition fisheye

The white knight limited edition fisheye

The world's greatest compact Fisheye camera is back in white! Like it's brother the regular Fisheye No.2, the fete blanche of Fisheye photography comes with an incredible 180-degree wide-angle view, stunning fisheye barrel distortion, a bulb setting for long exposures and a switch for multiple exposures on the same frame. The White Fisheye has the ability to fire both a hotshoe flash and the built-in flash, as well as sporting a true fisheye viewfinder, and the "full metal jacket" body treatment. With this arsenal, the possibilities for your Fisheye lomography are endless! Uses normal 35mm film that can be developed anywhere.

Diana +

Now with an integrated hotshoe flash mount for the Flash+! So here's how the story goes: back in the '60s, a small firm in Hong Kong created an inexpensive camera called the Diana. Crafted entirely of plastic, each camera cost only a dollar at the time of its release! Although it was only produced for about 10 years, Diana became a favorite with avant-garde and lo-fi photographers. They loved its soft & dreamy images, super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring, and random contrast. Diana shots were raw & gritty, with a character all their own. They couldn't be duplicated by any other camera on Earth! But after the camera was discontinued in the '70s, functional examples became difficult to find and increasingly expensive to purchase. Dianas were in high demand! And given the cameras exceptional images and retro good looks, the fine folks at Lomo decided that it was time for a comeback!
Not satisfied with a simple reissue, Lomo decided to add something to the original. That meant adding all-new functionality to the camera and dramatically expanding its creative potential. They called it Diana+. Its body was re-cast using a duplication of the original mold. The lens was balanced to obtain those "perfectly imperfect" dreamy, gorgeous, color-drenched, sometimes-blurry, and often-mindblowing images. And this Diana knows a few new tricks, too! Features include an integrated hotshoe flash mount for use with the Flash+; 2 shutter speeds: one for day and one for night; the ability to shoot multiple or partial (overlapping) exposures; two image sizes for 12 square shots or 16 square shots on a roll of film; new Pinhole function: remove the lens, set the aperture to a super-small pinhole and shoot a super-wide-angle, severely old-school image through a tiny hole; new endless panorama function: shoot a long, concurrent, and unlimited panoramic image, with almost no space between each individual frame.

Diana +Splitzer

With a Diana F+ in hand, it's nice to take a straight-off, one-shot image of your favorite person, animal, or thing. But what about going past that large, single full-frame? How about slicing & dicing it into halves and quarters? What about dictating exactly what appears on your photo - and exactly where it appears? Take that subject in front of your face and slice it straight down the middle. Slap it onto the right side of your image, and then take a breath. What do you want on the left? That's the beauty - the choice is yours! You no longer just take the shots; you "call" them too With the Splitzer, you'll never look at a Diana+ image as a single whole again. Instead, you'll truly see it as the "sum of its parts" - which are happily decided upon and placed by you. Two small plastic blades can be turned to cut your image into halves, quarters, eighths, and sixteenths. Image parts bleed seamlessly into on another. The Diana+ Splitzer easily slips on and off the Diana+ lens and works with all Lomography Diana+ and Diana F+ cameras.
Do the Splitzer!

Diana+ Dreamer Camera

Dream On. Dating back to the early 1960s, the all-plastic Diana camera is a cult legend - famous for its dreamy, radiant, and lo-fi images. The brand new Diana+ Dreamer, created exclusively for Urban Outfitters, is a faithful reproduction and a loving homage to the classic Diana - with a few new features tossed in. Its plastic lens, 2 shutter settings (daylight & "B"), 3 aperture settings, and manual focus are all hallmarks of the original Diana. And on top of that, the Diana+ Dreamer offers a removable lens, printed with our very dreamy Dreamer logo, and super-small aperture for pinhole images, two image formats (12 or 16 square shots on a standard 120 roll), an endless panorama feature that allows for unlimited and nearly seamless panoramic shots, both a standard tripod thread & shutter lock for easy shake-free long exposures, and a new built-in hotshoe flash mount (matching flash available soon!). Each package includes the new "Diana Vignettes" book - packed with over 200 pages of Diana history, Diana+ images, and truly off-the-wall fictional stories. Uses all varieties of medium format 120 film. Exclusive to Urban Outfitters. Imported. Wipe clean. 
* Includes: Diana+ Dreamer camera (with lens cap, strap and shutter lock); Diana Vignettes photo and story book and Instruction manual
* Requires: 120 film (not included) 
* 5"w, 3.75"h, 3"d
* Plastic
* 1 Year Warranty


The Holga, a lightweight super-simple plastic camera, complete with plastic lens, was developed in 1982 as a cheap, knock-a-round camera, and has since been adopted around the world as a cult favorite for its unpredictable effects, like blurred edges, other-worldly colors and light leaks. Perfect for random point-n-shoot action or intense experimentation; just get one and get shooting!
Includes photo book, 1 roll of 120 medium format film, 1 roll of opaque tape, batteries
* Plastic


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