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There are some cool accessories for lomos to make your pictures pop. Checky out.


Descended from the original '60s design, this retro-style beauty perfectly compliments the Diana Dreamer and Diana F+ camera. The Diana-blue color scheme, silver faceplate, classic metal pin attachment, and glowing ready-light are all authentic hallmarks of the original. It's "Diana Plug" attaches directly to the camera and fully syncs the flash. An integrated color flash feature allows you to splash a burst of colored light at your subject - day or night - and a packet of plastic color gels come in the box. On top of that, a Diana Plug-to-Hotshoe adapter is included, which allows you to use the hi-powered and radiantly beautiful Diana Flash on any standard hotshoe camera - including the Fisheye 2 and many SLR's! Included: Flash for Diana+, hotshoe adapter, color gel filters

Lomography Color Splash Flash

Hold on to your seats with both hands. Lomography, and indeed the whole of photography, is about to flip head-over-heels. No longer content with merely reporting and enhancing natural colors, we will seek to bend photographic reality and explore the whole of hues and tones - introducing new colors, new emotions, and a new world of images. Mother nature dictates that grass must be green, dogs cannot be purple, and proper coffee is always brown. Nice ideas, but we'd much rather choose our own colors, thank you very much! And that's where the Colorsplash Flash comes in. Specially designed by the Lomographic Society as the fiercest accessory for your camera, this compact Flash will empower you to splash your world, night or day, in whichever vibrant colors that you desire. Its patented colorwheel system puts several colored flash filters at your fingertips for instant selection; with an additional 9 filters included to exchange. Throw a colored flash burst onto dreamy long exposures, shocking instant shots, or daytime images. Works with any standard hotshoe plug.
Required: Camera with hotshoe plug

2.5"w, 1.25"h, 2.5"d
* Plastic, electronics

Black & White film

Black & white film yields that classic, old-school appeal that only film can faithfully reproduce. And shooting medium format means that every huge negative is absolutely bursting with detail, contrast, and sexy subtle tones. Put a roll through your camera and experience the greyscale nirvana that has grabbed a firm hold of our heart. Imported.
* Includes: 3 rolls of Black and White 100 ISO 120 Film
* Box: 3.5"w, 4.5"h, 1.25"d
* Film, plastic

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